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Individual Package (students)

The Individual Package allows you to create
your individual payment rate. With the price
calculator you can choose the following parameters yourself:

 - Number of surveys
 - Number of questions
 - Number of participants
 - Number of emails
 - Duration of use

The package additionally contains:
 - Various question types
 - Filters/Skips
 - personalized emails
 - optional access codes
 - Multilingual surveys
 - Questionnaire generator
 - Questionnaire templates
 - Design templates
 - Integration of images
 - Response checking
 - Free result encoding
 - Excel-CSV Export
 - SPSS Export
 - Online evaluation
 - Enhanced statistics

Additional survey and participant quantities can be purchased. If the maximum number of answered questionnaires is reached, the running surveys will be terminated automatically.


Please select the desired parameters:

Number of surveys
Number of questions per survey
Number of participants
Number of invitation e-mails / access codes
Desired duration of use

- Filters/Skips
- personalized e-mails
- optional access codes
- Multilingual survey
- Enhanced statistics
Overall price: Euro 67,30
Creating a questionnaire

With the integrated online questionnaire generator you can create even very complex questionnaires on your own. Even while it is being created, the questionnaire is illustrated in its final form and can be adjusted with preset colour designs and by using one's own images (max. 500 kB) on the start and finish page and within the questions.

The following items are available:

  • - Open questions
  • - Closed questions
  • - Table/Matrix
  • - Polarization profile
  • - Hierarchy
  • - Graphic scales
  • - Instruction blocks
  • - Demographic data
  • - Address
  • - Yes / No

Examples of question types

Help texts and links can be added to every question. For every response option, the entry can be checked (obligatory response, format, score scale) and a result coding scheme can be defined.

Conducting a survey

On the basis of an individually created questionnaire or a questionnaire template, the survey is started when the running time is specified.

The following survey types are available:

  • - Public survey
  • - Closed survey

A survey can be conducted individually or anonymously. It is possible to use individual access codes. If the access codes are not sent to the participants via 2ask, they can also be downloaded in a list. The amount of access codes that can be generated corresponds to the amount of e-mails that are included in the chosen package. As a further option, the system can send invitation or reminder e-mails automatically for you.

Analyzing survey results

Even during a running survey, the survey results can be viewed or downloaded in Excel/CSV or SPSS format. It is also possible to graphically illustrate them in the form of bar or pie charts.

The offers on this page are special promotions and are exclusively intended for students and cannot be passed on to companies.

If surveys are conducted frequently at your department/institute by several students, our University Packages might also be interesting for your department/institute.

Consultation and support

  • Are you planning individual online surveys?
  • Do you wish for support while creating your questionnaire?
  • Do you require professional support while designing your questionnaire?
  • Would you like to have us check your questionnaire?
  • Would you like us to present the results of your survey?

Please contact us. We'll be glad to offer you advice. Request an individual offer