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Creating a Survey

Intuitive Questionnaire Generator

With the intuitive questionaire generator you can create your questionnaire very quickly and easily. You can arrange the structure of the questionnaire individually, and formulate the questions and answers freely. You can also use one of our templates (e.g. customer/employee survey) and customize it according to your requirements. As soon as you begin creating your online questionnaire you will be able to view it in its final form, allowing you to test and tune it extensively.

Large Selection of Question Types:

  • Open questions
  • Closed questions
  • Table/Matrix
  • Polarization profile
  • Hierarchy
  • Graphic scales
  • Instruction blocks
  • Demographic data
  • Address
  • Yes / No
Examples of question types

For every response option, the entry (obligatory response, format, score scale) can be checked. Additionally, you have the possibility of randomizing the sequence of the answers or adding help text to explain the question.


Using filters or skips, you can easily implement even complex branching logic in your questionnaire without any programming skills. In addition, single questions or entire pages can be conditionally viewed. Possible conditions include particular answers, previously assigned parameters, or specific participant data.

Individual Layout Design

To design an individual layout for your survey, you can choose from a selection of preset colour designs and use your own media, including pictures and externally streamed video files. Using the Business Tools you can adjust the layout of your questionnaire to fit your corporate design and to embed your company logo.

Multilingual Surveys

With 2ask you have the ability to manage multiple languages in one survey. If you know the native language of your participant, this language can be preset, or you may allow the participants to choose via a language selection question, the language in which they would like to answer the questionnaire. The questionnaire invitation e-mails can, of course, be sent in multiple languages as well.

Examples of surveys in the following areas:

Conducting your Survey

Survey Types

The following survey types are available:

  • Public survey
  • Closed survey

By starting the survey, the 2ask system generates a link by which your questionnaire can be accessed for the duration of the specified runtime. The survey link can be either posted e.g. in a newsletter or on your homepage, or be sent to your participants via e-mail. Also, you have the choice whether to conduct the survey anonymously or individually.

Dispatch of Invitation E-mails

Invitation e-mail features include:
  • personally addressed e-mails available
  • free formulation of the e-mail text
  • easy import of your e-mail addresses
  • sign your own e-mail address as the sender
  • when using access codes, automatic integration of the access codes in the survey links. If you prefer to send the invitation-e-mails without using the 2ask-system, you can download a list of access codes as well (e.g. for invitation by letter).

Live Monitoring of the Response Rate

In your account you will always see the current response rate of your survey. In the event that the desired number of participants has not been reached, you have the possibility to send each invited participant up to two reminder e-mails at no cost to you. When conducting a survey with access codes, you can also activate the setting to remember explicitly only those participants who have not yet participated in the questionnaire.

Operation by 2ask

Your surveys are powered by the 2ask high-performance server clusters, located in access-secured data centers. To manage you surveys, you simply log in to your SSL encrypted 2ask account via your Internet browser. No installation of software is necessary.

Privacy and Security

2ask operates as a neutral third party which can guarantee anonymity to your survey participants upon request. 2ask is obligated to make no use of, and handle your data confidentially. 2ask employees are trained in, and legally obligated to protecting your privacy. Access to your 2ask account is SSL (secure sockets layer) encrypted, and it is possible to conduct your surveys using SSL encryption as well.

Analyzing Survey Results

Result Reports

Even while the survey is running, the survey results can be viewed and downloaded in Excel-/CSV and SPSS format. In the automatically generated result report, all closed questions will be analyzed tabularly and graphically in the form of bar or pie charts.

Example: Excel Result Report
Example: Raw Data in Exel-/CSV format

Report Designer

The 2ask report designer provides numerous design and label options to customize the report as well as the charts quickly and easily. Using the export function, you can export the entire report as an Excel file and download the charts in various formats. For each survey you can generate multiple individual reports.

Report Filter

With the report filter you can filter the results of your survey by closed questions and user-defined data (e.g. analyze the results of all employees in department A, or all customers who have bought product XY, etc).
The filtered results can be contrasted with the results of all participants as a whole.

Enhanced Statistics

The "enhanced statistics" option provides access to numerous additional chart types including 3d charts. Furthermore, the statistical information of mean, standard deviation, variance, and range can be displayed if desired.

Please note that not all of the features described above are included in every 2ask package.

  • Free access for 30 days
  • Full functionality
  • No cancelation necessary
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